A student run SoA+AH+D Division of Art tradition since 2002, Strange Coupling brings together the UW and the greater Seattle art community by pairing students with professional artists for a collaborative project. Strange Coupling creates opportunities for mentorship, allows space for experimentation, and challenges participants to work with a creative partner whose practice differs from their own.

The work created by these pairings culminates in an event held off-campus at a unique location. A few months prior to this exhibition the greater Seattle art community is invited to attend a party inside of the Jacob Lawrence Gallery on the UW campus. This portion of Strange Coupling functions as both an unveiling of the student artist pairings as well as an auction of student applicant work.

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Wait… what?

- Strange Coupling pairs UW students with artists practicing in Seattle.

Do I have to be an art student to apply?

- NO!!! Any UW student of any discipline can apply!

Do I have to be in Undergrad to apply?

- No again! Any level student can apply!

How are the pairings selected?

- Student applications are reviewed by a jury made up of art professionals, then paired with local artists who have been pre-selected and confirmed by Strange Coupling Organizers.

Who are the Strange Coupling Organizers?

- This year: Yabsira Alemeshet, Richard Desanto, Sarah Grace Faulk, and Connor Walden. Every year StrangeCo is organized by a few students from the previous year’s pairings.

More questions? Email info.strangecoupling@gmail.com

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