Welcome! Application only open to current University of Washington students. The application is open from February 1, 12:00am to February 28, 11:59pm.


1. Fill out the survey questions found here and attach as a pdf.

2. In the same email, send a portfolio (maximum 8 files). Non-visual artists may submit still, moving, or written documentation of work(s). Include descriptions for each of your work samples (1-2 sentences).

The subject line of this email should be "your full name 2019" (ex: Bob Ross 2019). This should be sent through your UW affiliated gmail account by Friday, February 22 11:59 pm.

File specifications below:

Image Files:
Format = .jpg
Size = less than 2MB
Resolution = no less than 72 dpi

Submit written work as a .pdf
Submit audio as a .mp3

3. As payment for your application, please submit an original artwork for the Strange Coupling auction to the Jacob Lawrence Gallery inside of the UW Art Building on March 4-6 between 10am and 4pm. Your original artwork can be in two, three, or four dimensions, a donation of your time (such as a studio visit, an hour to discuss art and life, etc.), still, moving, or written documentation of work, a set of instructions on how to generate something, etc. All proceeds from the auction go towards funding Strange Coupling. If you do not submit a piece, your application will be declined. [When submitting prints or photographs you must provide your own frame]

Application Deadline Recap:
Survey and Portfolio Submission= Thursday, February 28
Auction Artwork Drop Off = March 4 between 10 and 5
Auction Date = March 7, 6-8:30
Video Files:
Format = .mov file, youtube/vimeo link acceptable
Size = less than 100MB (if .mov file)
Duration = less than 5 minutes